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Comparison of different types of Stacking System

Stacking Technology

NTC has 4 kinds of stacking system in total. Different stacking system will provide you different working speed and requires different quantity workers. The stacking accuracy is also different.

Among the 4 types of stacking systems, 3 of them are used for cutting sheets, and the remaining one is for rewinding films. Hereby we are going to compare the 3 kinds of sheet stacking systems.

The first type is the most common type, it is consist of a belt conveyor table with a hydraulic lifter. It is most economic type, and speed can only match with lower than 30 m/min working line. Besides, it requires 4 workers working at the end. Two workers need frequently adjust the paper pallets. When the lifter pallet is full, one worker will drive the forklift coming to remove the full pallet. And normal two workers have to roll the continuous coming out papers fast until the forklift come back to put a new pallet there. So it is not a efficient way for stacking. But when the line speed is not high, and workers are available, it is still a good choice.

The second type is semi automatic two layers stacking system. It has two layers pallets for collecting the papers, so that when one pallet is full, it can switch to another layer by manual help. It is only required for one worker there to check the line and help the switch. The forklift will have enough time to take away the full pallet and put a new pallet to the prepare position.

The third type is fully automatic two layers stacking system. It doesn’t require any worker there to help the switch work. This system is very helpful to support the high speed working line. When the line speed is higher than 40 m/min, we will strongly suggest you to use the fully automatic two layers stacking system, because it can guarantee you the complete line working at the high speed all the time. But it is required to with the automatic unwinding system. So the high speed line must have high speed automatic unwinding system, paper jointing system and the automatic two layers stacking system.

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