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Exhaust Emission Treatment Equipment RTO

Exhaust Emissions

NTC company also manufactures the RTO equipment for exhaust emission treatment of impregnation lines. The exhaust gas treatment efficiency is as high as 99%, and it can be directly discharged into the air.

RTO is also called regenerative incineration equipment, which is a kind of organic waste gas treatment equipment that combines high temperature oxidation and heat storage. It is a very efficient organic waste gas treatment equipment. Compared with traditional catalytic combustion and direct combustion oxidation furnaces, RTO has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, low operating cost, and ability to treat low-concentration exhaust gas with large air volume. When the exhaust gas concentration is high, the secondary waste heat recovery can also be carried out, and the impregnation line can be directly added to replace the traditional boiler. It can not only treat waste gas, but also heat energy recovery to heat the impregnation line, achieving two goals with one stone, greatly reducing the operating cost of the impregnation line.


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